Economic Cost Of Peak Population: Market Crash in Japan, China, The World.

The world has reached peak child, and is headed towards peak population. Many economic metrics collapse between peak child and peak population, resulting in bear stock markets and even collapses, all if the real economy and outside their investment portfolios, most people are relatively unaffected.

  • Economic Ponzi Scheme Metrics.
    • Peak Child and National Economies.
    • Market Indexes.
    • Real Estate.
  • Japan And Peak Population.
  • China: The Looming Crash?
  • Other countries: Germany, Korea, USA, Canada.
  • GFC: The Global Round.
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Electric Vehicle Tipping Point in 2022: An end to EV subsidies?

I heard someone ask, “if EV (Electric Vehicle) sales continue to increase exponentially at the same rate, how long before all sales are EVs”? While exponential growth is no more sustainable for EVs than for anything else, the underlying statistics and real answer made me realise, EVs will probably reach an tipping point as soon as next year, and the shockwaves will be huge.

  • Answering The Question.
  • The tipping point and the stats.
    • What Will Boost Sales?
    • What Will Constrain And Limit The Market?
  • An End To EV Subsidies? Or A Rethink?
    • Current Subsidies.
    • Automobile taxes vs subsidies.
  • The Shockwave And Implications.
    • China, Japan, Germany, USA.
    • Established Brands And Automakers.
  • Hey! Not So Fast! Limits And Roadblocks To EV Sales.
    • Perspective, Pricing.
    • The Grid, Lithium, Chargers.
  • Conclusion.
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ScoMo Ingenious EV Plan: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, leading climate action blocker, stretching the truth again?

“This is coal”: Scott Morrison’s ‘Coalaphobia’ speech.

After a long history resisting action on climate change, the Australian government finally ‘committed’ to net zero by 2050, and then did an about face, and announced support for electric vehicles. Or did they?

  • Background.
    • Relevance: A Series On Political Influencers.
    • The Australian Government And The Democracy Failure On Climate Action.
    • Toyota: No3 Worldwide In Companies Negatively Influencing Climate Action.
    • “Scotty From Marketing”: Questions On History Of Truth.
  • Scott Morrison And The Fight Against Electric Vehicles.
  • Conclusion.
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1.5°C by 2026? Already +1.25°C in 2021: What You Are Not Being Told Other Than By Greta Thunberg et al., And Why Not.

Is the planet and CO2 emissions like the Titanic and the iceberg?

I started out wondering how much temperatures have risen so far, what is the best estimate for when will reach +1.5°C , and how bad is +1.5°C anyway. I expected that finding the first two answers would be easy, but it was not. I found the answers, and why they were not easy to find.

What I found is that with warming at +1.0 in Paris in 2015, +1.5 logically seemed 50 years away, but in 2021 just 6 years later, we are halfway there at +1.25°C . Everything changed while we were distracted by Covid-19 and other things, but while things can change, at this rate +1.5°C is set to be here by 2026, or maybe earlier, instead of the date expected in Paris of 2050.

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Range Anxieties vs Realities: What Range Is Ideal?

The lightyear one: One cure for range anxiety.

There are anxieties about the idea that cars will all become electric. In fact sometimes these anxieties even generate hostility!

But yes, motor vehicles will become electric, not because of green movements, or because of government incentives, but because they will be better and cheaper.

Those incentives and the ‘green’ stuff does help get the ball rolling, but EVs will only take over if and when they become cheaper than petrol, gasoline and diesel vehicles, which wil be by 2025 for new cars, and later for used cars.

While, as usual, the early adopters pay a premium, the rest of us should use the time to prepare, because the biggest winners, will be those who are ready so they don’t need to be anxious.

  • Background: Anxieties And Unknowns Vs Realities.
  • Range Anxiety:
    • The Range Anxiety We All Know:
      • Gasoline/Petrol and Diesel Vehicles.
      • The Unknown World Of Ev Range.
    • Range Anxiety With EVs: The Progression.
      • 2012 and before: EVs were all about range Anxiety!
      • 2021: Range is now ‘perfect around town’, but ‘just OK’ on road trips.
      • 2025 and beyond: What range do we need?
  • What Range Do We Need?
    • Local Trips: ‘Urban Cycle Range’.
    • Road Trip Range Requirements.
  • Conclusion: Already With Most EVs, Range Anxiety is Unjustified.
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Why wait? We should end population growth NOW!

I have been asked on a few occasions, why not end population growth now? It is not like we need to get more people first. Japan has stopped population growth, why not the rest of us? What are we waiting for?

  • What is needed to stop growth immediately: Births equals deaths.
  • But Japan Has Managed It?
  • Realistically? What Is Soonest Growth Could Stop?
  • What Is The Ideal?
  • Threatening Problem: What Could Prevent The Ideal?
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The AUKUS FUKUS Fracas: Submarines, Really?

This is an amazing diplomatic saga, that just could have an impact on the world political balance.

  • Background.
  • The Main Event.
    • Round 1: Recalled Ambassadors.
    • Round 2: Biden to Macron, “I was under the impression you had been told”.
    • Round 3: Macron, “I don’t think, I know [Scott Morrison Lied]” .
    • Round 4: Morrison: Denials and Own Goal Diplomacy with France and the US .
  • Where Next: The new AUKUS alliance with no submarines for at least 12 years?
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Can A ‘Green’ Agenda Derail Climate Action?

Astroturf cow for dinner?

If you were ‘big oil’, and you were trying to delay action on climate change impacting the fossil fuel industry, what would be your strategy? Would you point the finger elsewhere to create maximum division? This is a questioning look as to whether a misdirection is trying to confuse blame on for climate change, and just maybe, it is working.

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COP26: Were The Deck Chairs Sufficiently Shuffled?

People’s Advocate for COP26.

updated throughout conference

COP26. It sounds like a police officer who can’t be named. For me it raises questions that range from what happened to COP25, through to whether all decisions are made in advance or anything really happens at the conference. Even if decisions are announced, what is the point anyway if there is no way to ensure promises are kept? If we are like a ship headed for an iceberg of a 1.5°C temperature rise, would we really change course, or be confident the ship cannot sink?

Here are the answers so far to the questions I had I will continue collecting and updating, which may save others hunting around. As I answer some questions, others arise so I plan to keep updating this over the next few days (until 31 Oct 201 at least). Hopefully this page will provide both information and the links that are useful in one place.

  • COP26: Behind the name.
    • Glasgow: 26th Conference Of Parties: 31 October – 12 November 2021.
  • What Makes COP26 Important?
  • Why Meet? People Attend, Not Countries, So Who, and Why?
  • Why Is It That Nothing Really Happens?
    • Pledges And Commitments.
    • What the Commitments mean.
    • Why Nothing Was Every Going To Happen.
    • Binding Agreements?
    • What Should Have Happened.
  • Is This Really An Iceberg?
  • Conclusion
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