The Eco Age

I have labelled this page the ‘Eco Age’, in place of the more established label of  the ‘Information Age’

It seems to be commonly believed we are moving from the previous ‘Industrial Age‘ to a new age that is most commonly labelled the ‘Information Age‘.

These more established labels miss how much is changing and note the changes technology is bringing, but miss the key point that the growth age is over.  We have just complete the most significant period of growth of society in over 4000 years.  From 1750 to 1950 the human population exploded at rate never seen before in recorded history, and unlikely to be seen again without first a devastating disaster or a travel to other stars.

The result of the growth age is that humanity now has a profound impact on the earth.  There is a history of humans creating extinctions of individual species dating back tens of thousand of years,  but actually changing the environment, and even the earths climate was beyond imagination at the start of the growth age.  Now, following the growth age, humanity enters an age where humans have become custodians of the planet.  Some are even calling this a new epoch: the Anthropocene epoch.

Even if this is the start of new epoch, there are other specific factors facing civilisation. In addition to a new role as custodians of the planet and managing our population, the current system of wealth distribution throughout society is already broken, and is before tackling the changes that will result from new technologies.  Without tackling these huge challenges, the resources to manage the planet will simply not be available.

I prefer the labels ‘Growth Age’ and ‘Eco Age’ for these ages of humanity.  Some will be shocked to learn that the growth has paused, but while the global population total is still growing, the rate has slowed dramatically and no projection expects us to continue the 20th century growth rate, which would have seen  the 21st century growing from 7 billion to 24 billion.  Nobody, projects growth to resume on the immediate future because at least a pause in growth is already locked in.

Whatever the labels, The impact of the change from expansion and growth of the ‘industrial age’ to a new sustainability of this ‘information age’  has huge economic, social and political implications.

I will add pages over time on the overall picture of the Eco Age.

Overview: Growth Age vs Eco Age.

The End of Capitalism as we know it. (Coming soon)



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