About: Who and Why.


Ok, it says ‘who and why’, but I am putting why first because I feel it most relevant.

Have your ever heard “if your really want to learn, then teach it“. Most of posts here are created because I have an idea that feel I requires further exploration. By trying to put my ideas into a page, I am organising my ideas in the same way when trying to explain what I understand to someone else. It is like try to learn enough to be able to ‘teach it’. That is, each exploration, is my going through the process of ‘mastering’, or becoming confident I have reached a conclusion on that topic. This means that while I am organising my thoughts to a level of preparedness to for presentation to an audience, the main person I am trying to convince is me. If you disagree, then I welcome new information to consider. This site is not to preach or convince others, although sometimes I do feel I have discovered things I wish to share.

The posts are written as explorations of ideas. Writing down thoughts and exploring as I write, and as the goal is exploration.

The pages here are not organised to generate ‘clicks’, so not much traffic is to be expected. Most search engines are driven by AI optimised to have you using their search engine as much as possible, which means pushing people ideas to towards extremes, and driving outrage. As your search results are mostly ‘recommended for you’ on the basis the pages suggested will reinforce ideas you already hold, and push you further to extremes, these pages in their attempt to be balanced, are not likley to be search engine favourites.

If you do stumble upon these pages, it is unlikely you hold extreme views, or search engines would send you to pages to reinforce the views you already hold. If you have stumbled here and find views contrary to your beliefs….well …search engines ‘recommended for you’ algorithms fail sometimes I guess.

In the fashion of an armchair philosophers, I pontificate mostly on what I consider are the ‘big issues’.

More often that not, in the process of writing exploration, my own views change before the end, from those I held at the outset. When that happens, I have had a learning experience, although sometimes the evolution of ideas can make the exploration and unclear journey. That is a pity, because it is these times, when the though process has \ most interesting. In fact, sometimes I arrive at endpoints that are complete surprises.

I am compiling a list of these surprise results which can be found on the page surprises, together with a summary of the surprises, and links the post or posts that brought me to the surprise conculsion.

I am also trying to create a table of contents, organising the thoughts into logical sequences. That is a work in progress, and needs more time.

The ideas published here are NOT done so to convince others, but research the ideas. If the logic presented here leads you to the same conclusion then you may sometimes find that interesting. Even more interesting maybe if it initiates your own further enquiries that call in to question what I have said.


I do have a science background, but have spent most of my life effectively as a futurist, predicting and working on the next wave of technology for the future. This has been both in ventures I initiated, and as the head of product development for major international organisations. I grew up with a love of Science, and my first university course was a science degree. Although, in this galaxy, that was long, long ago, and I have never actually worked as a scientist. I have done quite a variety of things, including working in the music industry and in motor racing, but the vast majority of my experience has been in technology. In practice, it has been a career in the practice of analysis and logic. From analysing business practices through to how to use electronics to automate turning logs into sawn timber. I had roles from Silicon Valley CEO, programmer, electronic circuit designer, Director of Product developer through to ‘systems analyst’. What is common is the application of logic to problems where I am not the expert in the specific field, but have access to such experts.

Everything I discuss in posts here is simply taking information, hopefully provided by, and attributed to, knowledgably experts, and using logic to assemble the information to reach a conclusion. As stated in ‘why’ posts are to promote discussion and further research, they are not posts to convince, although the goal is to craft perspective that is convincing.

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  1. What bothers me is how the media is always emphasizing the SUPPLY of our resources, lamenting the “shortages” of this or that but totally NEGLECTING THE DEMAND side!
    For our essentials like food, water & housing, there are no “shortages” the real problem is our DEMANDS which are exceeding the available SUPPLY.

    Our rulers do not recognise LIMITS, their always pushing for more dam GROWTH, more population growth, more consumption growth, more extraction growth, this is the mantra of the CANCER CELL, GROW GROW GROW until it’s host is DEAD.
    Our “host” is our planet, it is NOT GROWING,it’s resources are LIMITED so instead of endlessly pushing for MORE MORE MORE, we must address the demand side & STOP GROWING & reduce our population to what can be sustained without fossil inputs.
    But we won’t will we, we will keep pushing for more growth until we collapse & billions of us die like YEAST in a petri dish, drowning in our own filth while starving to death.
    Most people don’t want to hear about “limits” they believe in fairy tales, life ever after, unlimited growth on a finite planet.


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