One Finite Planet?

Why one finite planet? Why ‘one planet’ and why ‘one finite‘ planet?

One Planet?

Maybe 200,000 people could live on Mars. Maybe another million people could live on/in the other planets and moons throughout the solar system. But that is extremely complex and expensive, is a long time in the future and still represents such a small fraction of humanity.

But what about Earth 2.0? In this galaxy of over 200 billion stars, is seems logical there must be at least one other Earth like planet? The catch is, it took over 3 billion years of life in the oceans transforming the Earth from its original state into a planet that supported oxygen breathing life on the surface. It seems logical that another planet like Earth is just as toxic to humans as the Earth started out, or already had life evolving for billions of years. What would our reception be?

One Finite Planet.

This page will be updated with more links as more discussion on ‘finite world’ is added.

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