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Sometimes when exploring a topic, I am surprised by what I find. Other it is a story that already seems surprising that triggers my exploration. I list individual explorations I feel are surprising here, but almost every topic here has its own surprise, for two examples:

Optimum Population: The Answer To The Population Puzzle?

When you look around, it is clear all other complex organisms on Earth have, and can maintain, an ‘optimum population’ level for their environment, yet there is a common perception that humanity is an exception, and seem to experience continual population growth.

This is an exploration of how optimum populations are reached, and critically are maintained naturally without overpopulation, and the implications for humanity.

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Peak Child: When, and what does it mean?

Globally, the when, is now, even if experiences differ by location.

Data now clearly confirms that globally, the world has returned to ‘peak child’, a precursor to a likely return to peak population, following three centuries of a population explosion.

What peak child means, is that we are again a mature species, will soon return to existing in balance with nature and other living things, and perhaps even stop displacing other species. As seen in the natural world, population stability is normal and nothing to fear. Declines in birth rates and fertility are most likely parts our mechanisms to return to optimum population, and just part of nature.

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