I originally referred to the pages on this site as ‘posts’, but on reflection I feel that is misleading and have decided to use the word ‘explorations‘ instead, and will explain.

Explorations are not diary style ‘blog posts’, but more discovery missions. The same exploration is revisited and updated over time as I discover more. Explorations do not start as a belief I wish share, but as something to be investigated.

This site is not designed to generate revenue or to attempt to convince the world of a specific point of view. There are times I come to the conclusion and feel “wow, others should see this”, but this site has no promotional mechanism and is not going to practice the type of polarisation required for popularity.

There are three reasons ‘explorations’ can be seen by the public:

Originally I waited until an exploration had come to a conclusion before allowing it to be seen by others, but I am now revising that, and opening the investigation from an early stage. This leads to a few categories:

Each page is an exploration of an idea. with the goal that through the process of trying to arrange my thoughts sufficiently clearly that anyone could see them, will help crystallise more clearly what makes sense and what does not in relation to issues that come to my attention.

There is no attempting to convince people of any particular perspective. Anyone is welcome to read, and perhaps even provide other perspectives for consideration. This site is not constructed with any mechanisms to attract readers, and by being in text rather popular video format, seeking to be balanced rather than polarising, is the opposite of what thrives on social media.