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Pages on technology are a departure from thoughts on population, environment and how society might evolved, but none the less, they are here.

There are some pages where, in the spirit of most other pages here, I set out to on a journey to explore a topic to see what I can learn. But there are other pages that started as an attempt to provide a ‘print’ version of something I have been asked. Then there are times I have sought to create as reference material for other explorations.

This process has created content I group into four types of technology and science related posts.


Cars: EVs (Electric Vehicles) and Autonomous Driving.

These are mostly reference pages, which means I plan to keep updating them.

Product Reviews.

Why product reviews when I am not a product reviewer? There are two categories.

  1. Products I do own or have extensive experience with, so only of interest to those considering these exact same products.
  2. Areas of interests, where content may be of interest to anyone who shares that interest. I locate interesting reviews by reviewers, and highlight additional points that reviewer who need to stay popular with the people who’s products they are sent for review may omit.

  • Products
  • Area Of Interest.

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