One Finite Planet

One Finite Planet

Climate: A Fundamental Disconnect.

Attitudes on climate change are heavily polarised between “believers” and “deniers”.

But even “believers” seems to exhibit a fundamental disconnect between what they claim, and how they act.

  • With warming at +1.0 in Paris in 2015, +1.5 logically seemed 50 years away, so targets were set to end emissions within those 50 years.
  • In 2021 just 6 years after Paris, we are halfway to +1.5 and already at +1.25°C, yet targets remain on the Paris timeline.
  • Either the faster than expected warming is regarded as only temporary, or the +1.5°C was never seen as a necessary ceiling or reality despite proclamations.

This “hot” topic of climate change (please forgive the pun), generates such discussion and controversy that it now warrants its own index of explorations. There is significant overlap with the sections on population and environment, but I may link some explorations in multiple categories enable finding either way.


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