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Beyond COP26: 1.5°C Now Ensured, Where Next?

cnn: Annual global temperature compared to pre-industrial levels, in degrees Celsius
  • Preventing 1.5°C Was Never Going To Happen.
  • But Action Is Getting Real.
  • So, Where Next?

Preventing 1.5°C Was Never Going To Happen At COP26.

My notes on COP26 are here, but although with the leaders having left I had thought the sad story over, there has been positive news since then.

COP26 opened to two declarations.

  • This is our last chance to avoid 1.5°C temperature rise.
  • The doomsday clock is now at 1 minute till midnight, and 1.5°C is that midnight.

For all the enthusiasm of those declarations, there was not sufficient buy in to the doomsday clock argument to produce anything sufficiently significant beyond that at previous conferences which have so far failed to arrest an acceleration in temperature increases.

The last chance to avoid 1.5°C card having been played, what is next? It seems certain 1.5°C will be reached before 2030 when target set by current governments for their successors come into force anyway, but I wonder what the next card will be.

Simply taking the data from this graph and using regression, it should be expected 1.5°C would occur in 2023.

But Action Is Getting Real.

I made notes on COP26, but thought with the leaders having left it seemed over. But no, there is more. So it urns out I need to update things. Stand by..

So, Where Next?

I will also maintain this page to keep a list of post COP26 announcements, and try to analyze given current trends, at what point it would be possible to limit temperature increases.


Table of Contents


News In Brief.

It is now war until the end for Putin. If Putin is to win in Ukraine, he would simply have to start a new war elsewhere, as relations with Russia could never again return to ‘normal’ without charges of war crimes being held.

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BYD Atto 3 / Yuan Plus: Affordable EV, not just a rich man’s toy.

There was time when mobile phones where just rich man’s toys. The BYD Atto 3 or Yuan Plus depending on the market, is not only BYDs first global car, but also what I would call the first mainstream, affordable EV for the west, ending the EV as rich man’s toy. It is being released in several countries in early 2022, mainly left traffic countries (wheel on the right) including Australia, but will go global. The Atto 3 competes on price, size and features with affordable gasoline/petrol compact SUVs. The Atto 3 is not a car priced as a BYD competitor for the regular Toyota Corolla, as that car, the Atto 2 will follow in Australia late 2022 or early 2023.

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Battle for No1 Carmaker: Tracking Tesla and BYD.

I have already have a page tracking the fall of current leaders Toyota, VW etc, and this page tracks the rise of the new contenders for the worlds number 1 carmaker: Tesla and BYD.

These two are the current EV market leaders, and as EVs gain market share, these two are on trajectories to become no #1 and no #2 car carmakers world wide. But will either of them ever reach true #1?

I have excluded Tesla and BYD from the ‘new kids on the block’, page tracking the rise of new EV companies as the race between these EV heavyweights warrants its own page.

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Exploring The Roles Of Employment In Society.

This is an an examination of the roles of employment in society. This a reference page as background to deeper explorations on the impact or robotics, the arguments for a ‘living wage’ or basic income, and other topics.

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