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Population: It Has Been A Long Journey.

A Long Journey For The Elephant In The Room.

As explained in “my journey to understanding population“, my first explorations here were focused on looking at how, despite falling birth rates, population continued to grow.

I finally arrived at an understanding on how there Earth is fully populated, and every species, humans included, stabilises population in balance with nature, and overpopulation events naturally correct themselves.

I am trying to keep a full history of explorations here.

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The Surprise (footnotes)

When I made my first ever ‘exploration’, and my first surprise, back in 2012. I began the exploration with the belief that population growth was out of control. The first ‘surprise’ discovery, was that population growth had turned the corner. Too late, with already too many people, but that the growth slowing and likely even ending!

The human population of the earth, as a result of the population explosion which reached speed in the 1700s, is clearly now beyond a levels where we currently are able to exist in the environment sustainably: Overpopulation.

This presents humanity with the following alternatives:

  • find a way to significantly reduce the population to a level sustainable with the current ‘footprint’ per capita
  • find a combination of limiting further population growth while simultaneously reducing environmental footprint per capita
  • continue unsustainably until the environment collapses

Yes, surprisingly, humanity now has population growth under control, but even if growth stays under control, we could add another 3 billion people while filling the population pipeline, at the same time more people move from a lower impact 3rd world lifestyle to a higher impact 1st world life. Potential disaster, yet there are calls from a variety of powerful groups to return to uncontrolled population growth.

Provided humanity can retain control of population, there is hope we can reach sustainability by reducing environmental impact per capita. But it is not easy, and may not be reached before environmental collapse.