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The Irony of The Bloomberg 2020 Campaign

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From a variety of media reports, I had the impression that Bloomberg first held off entering the nomination race because as long as Joe Biden had it covered. But now, Bloomberg could emerge as assisting Bernie Sanders to defeat Job Biden.

Moderates vs Progressives.

There are two factions within the Democrats, ‘Moderates’ who are closer the the views of Republicans, and the ‘Progressives’, who are further to left in their pollical views.

Bloomberg, who was affiliated with the Republican party from 2001-2007, is concerned that one of the two high profile ‘progressive’ candidates, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, could win the nomination that Bloomberg himself decided to run for president.

Who Is Bloomberg helping? Sanders?

The irony is that Bloomberg appeals to moderate Democrat voters, and many of these would likely vote for Joe Biden if Bloomberg was not in the running.

“If Bloomberg continues to gain support it could come at Biden’s expense, which could create a pathway for Sanders to the nomination,” Spencer Kimball, director of Emerson College Polling, said.

The Hill

If this analysis is correct, then it could seem that campaign of Michael Bloomberg could ensure the very future he feared, and push Bernie Sanders ahead of Joe Biden, and result in a progressive nominee.

Yang To Biden’s Rescue? Or Sanders?

“On the other hand, Yang is pulling votes away from Sanders with younger voters and this is a very interesting age dynamic,” Kimball added. 

The Hill

The same analyst suggests the person actually combating Sanders rise in the polls is Andrew Yang. If true, would a further risk to the dream of a moderate candidate be the risk that Andrew Yang withdraws and Bloomberg remains in the race?


Having only recently entered the race, it is unlikely Bloomberg could withdraw soon without loss of face, and unlike other some candidates such as senators, he does not need to preserve campaign funds for other contests.

This leaves Bloomberg facing the reality that if he stays in the race, his political advertising can either focus on moderate vs liberal, which will not necessarily win Bloomberg himself support. Or follow the path of being competitive and trying to gain personal support – and the best target block of voters Bloomberg could win over are those currenting contemplating voting for Joe Biden.