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A different perspective: Humans maybe the greatest threat to life on Earth but also the only hope.

The title ‘one finite planet’ can be mistaken to be yet another proclamation of how we live on this amazing planet which could even be unique, and we humans are foolishly placing it all at risk. Boring.

No. Instead, the perspective is we are living on a planet that is naturally hostile to humans, where nature dictates only a limited total amount of life, can only exist for a limited time, and that time is almost at an end. When seen from this perspective, even the environment mission changes from just not interfering, to the more complex task of tackling the challenge of overcoming nature, while yes, quite importantly, not bringing life to an early end in the process.

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COP27: Climate change action sabotage?

Reports from COP27 seems indicate the key initiative this year to make wealthy nations cover the cost of the damages poor nations will incur as a result of emissions that have main originated from those wealthy nations.

The proposal as it stands has a missing an essential piece, and trying to cover for that essential piece, appears most to likely to increase emissions, and move COP away from a focus on solving the climate crisis and instead toward just fighting over the cost.

This is a troubled look at the key flaw in what has been put forward and the real solution that should be in place.

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Can Peter Dutton repair the democracy ‘loyal opposition’.

Democracy is under threat, and a significant part of the problem stems for the distortion of the current model of ‘opposition’. While the politics of division and polarisation of the USA Trump republicans vs Biden democrats attracts most attention on the world stage right now, what happens in Australia following the recent election which saw democracy strike back (page coming soon), has the potential to provide the world with an alternate blueprint for the role of the opposition party, which could reinvigorate democracy and spread to the US and elsewhere.

Is there an alternative to the current Republicans vs Democrats style, where ‘opposition’ is about each party demonising the other?

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News In Brief.

It is now war until the end for Putin. If Putin is to win in Ukraine, he would simply have to start a new war elsewhere, as relations with Russia could never again return to ‘normal’ without charges of war crimes being held.

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First Edition:

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News and updates for early May 2022. Climate at +1.5 within 5 years confirmed as realistic threat.

+1.5 In the next 5 years.

The biggest news is that my prediction of +1.5 rise in temperatures by 2026 now has some support by people who know. Back in October 2021, at the time of COP26, I took a look at climate change trends and came to the conclusion that the planet is on track to reach +1.5oc temperature rise by around 2026, making targets of ‘net zero by 2030, 2050 or 2060’, look strange if the goal is to avoid a rise of +1.5oc.

So, vindication? There’s a 50:50 chance the planet will pass the 1.5C warming threshold in the next 5 years is not quite vindication, but I will take it as very close. The variation from my prediction is that it is suggested that it may be only a temporary time beyond +1.5. It may. And it may not reach +1.5. But even at the odds of 50% that target is reached and a lack of certainty that the level will remain, then if +1.5oc is really threatening and it is the only planet we have, it is concerning. With these odds on my house becoming unliveable, I would really be taking action. Is it really a threat that at +1.5oc the planet may become far less liveable?

Recent Observations.

Cynical look at Australian political parties.

The demonstrations of inability of the parties to even play politics well for the upcoming Australian election does not inspire. Clearly the party favoured to win governement, has a leader who is not great at ‘shooting from the hip’ when hit with ‘gotcha’ questions on the campaign trail. Ye

Waleed Aly, a deep thinking with opinions the have earnt respect, on the program tomorrow tonight, when it was suggested that their is a fundamental human need to believe in a god, stated that was a claim only an atheist would make, as for a believer, that people will create a religion is not a necessary concept. For me the problem with this that for a Muslim, surely it can still be recognised that have been gods of the Romans, ancient Greeks and Vikings, that according to his beliefs did not exist. To me this gets to a key point where believe in the details of one specific religion requires believing that most humans believe in the wrong thing, as there is no dominant religion. I need to explore this further.


Again, far more updates to exiting pages than new pages added lately. Pages updated include:

we can choose what we want, but who controls what we want?

What’s next?

  • an upcoming page on what is the optimum global population
  • the threat to population politics from Elon musk owning twitter.
  • a look at aging and the potential for extending human lifetimes.