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There are claims that a range of web sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even Google search, can be addictive and harmful in a number of ways, so I set out to explore the topic. The findings include the potential to brainwash an entire generation to become controlled by the AI behind social media, enabling Facebook et al to earn significant share of global GDP, becoming an effective global taxation system and potentially even global government.

This is an index of the findings.

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Opportune Arguments: Confirmation Bias Weaponised.

Most of us have heard of confirmation bias. Opportune arguments are like a weaponisation of Chinese whispers, where the message is intentionally changed before being passed on, with the goal of using peoples confirmation bias as a path through their defences. Start with a message accepted through confirmation bias by a person with one set of beliefs, but add a twist designed to cross belief systems. But who is being manipulated, those promoting the new message, or those receiving it?

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