Electric Cars: 2021, It Just Doesn’t add up (yet).

US$169,000 Lucid Air sedan.
Aspark Owl. US$3.2 Million EV Hypercar.

Right now, without subsidies, buying an electric car does not add up. Currently there is a price premium, and as a result the cars only appeal to those happy to pay a premium to indulge a passion. Buyers are prepared to pay a premium for the environment or the acceleration, but right now, buying is driven by passion and/or subsidies. Even worse, prices do not appear to have fallen as battery prices suggest they should. For everybody to be buying electric cars, at least one of these will apply:

  • Governments will be subsidising all car purchases.
  • Cars will cost the average person much more.
  • Prices of electric cars must fall substantially.

Yet governments have plans to progressively mandate electric vehicles to meet emission targets. This is an exploration of why people buy electric cars today, what needs fixing to make them affordable and viable for all, and not just an expense and/or inconvenience forced on people. Are prices really about to plummet?

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Solar and Wind: not a substitute for fossil fuels.

At least, not alone. Solar and Wind have proven to be successful partial cost effective substitutes for fossil fuels, neither wind nor solar is stored energy. Without adding stored energy, available on demand, it is impossible to reach the goal of removing reliance on fossil fuels.

Consider home solar. With solar panels you can reduce your electricity costs, but to go ‘off grid’, you need a battery or other energy storage for the solar power.

The same applies at state or national levels, to go ‘off grid’ again requires batteries or other storage of the energy. This is an exploration of the barriers that mean the ‘green’ technologies like solar and wind, alone will never allow exiting fossil fuels for power. To replace fossil fuels for power, it needs storage, and we are not there yet.

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Hydrogen: Facts vs Myths, blue vs green.

Two very different groups promoted hydrogen as key to a move to renewable energy:

  • Promoters of Solar and Wind who see storage of energy as ‘green’ Hydrogen as providing reliability and a solution to the unpredictability of Solar and Wind.
  • Oil & Gas companies looking for a new, ‘blue hydrogen‘ driven, market natural gas and oil.

These two almost opposing groups promote very different solutions that have the word ‘Hydrogen’ in common, but little else. This exploration provides also background for other pages such as: Electric or Hydrogen Cars?.

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We can’t run out of fossil fuels.

In the 1970s, there were the ‘Oil Crises‘. At various times it has been suggested that one key reason for moving to renewables, is that as there is only a finite supply of fossil fuels which will come to an end one day. There is a mistaken belief that ‘peak oil’ projections are a result of supplies of fossil fuels being exhausted. Whether you are worried oil supplies will run out, or are hoping oil supplies will run out, the supply of fossil fuels won’t run out. In fact, we can’t possibly use up all fossil fuel.

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Our Sun: Big, White and a Yellow Dwarf?

Our Sun is our very definition of white in colour, and larger than most stars. Despite this, our Sun is a yellow dwarf!

The page explores a few facts and myths about our star, the Sun.

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Australia in the Pandemic: Eye of the storm?

This is a snapshot of the pandemic as of March 2021, looking at what life is like in Sydney Australia, and looking out at the world.

The most recent case of a person infected in NSW , the state with Sydney as its capital, outside of quarantine was on March 17th and was a person working with arrivals in quarantine. In this case, the person infected was asymptomatic, and was the first case in 50 days. The general picture in NSW, and Australia in general, is that cases of Covid-19 are very rare right now. Is this the end of the pandemic, or the calm before the storm?

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Off Topic Surprise: Aslan Karatsev and how self- image can mask ability.

Tennis. Not something I normally bother to commit thoughts on, but there is a surprise in tennis sufficiently intriguing that I am creating a page to track. This a story of how someone of amazing ability, can exist in obscurity, most likely in this case due to hurdles created by their own mind.

Right now there is a story rocking the tennis world, being called ‘man of the hour‘ and even ‘Rocky Balboa of tennis‘.

Aslan Karatsev, a professional tennis player with the raw ability to be mixing it with Federer Nadal Djokovic etc, was in close to total obscurity for the first 10 years of his pro career (he has had a ranking since 2011), before a meteoric rise from nothing to being one of the most talked about players in 2021.

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Vaccines, yes, some stories are too good to be true.

I have been following Covid-19 since January 2020 I felt the world too complacent, through to today March 17 2021, when I now fear there may be too much faith in vaccines. Israel has been at the forefront of vaccination, and should provide an early indicator of what to expect. So today I thought I would check on the latest from Israel. What I found sounded almost unbelievable good! Until I realised, yes, it should not be believed. The data is presented in a very misleading way.

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ARMs Race Risc: Episode 2, Why Microsoft needs RISC!

Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux and Git.

Episode 1 stated now could be a bad time to invest in technology and buy a new computer. Apple has announced they are moving to ARM CPUS, which will mean replacing their products, and this episode explores why it is so critical to Microsoft that they also move to ARM, and what the multiple technology award winner Linus Torvalds has to do with the reasons, and how it could so fundamentally change the technology industry.

  • ..Last time … : Apple Transitioning, Microsoft Maybe?
  • Insight From Linus Torvalds.
  • Another Win for Apple?
  • ARMing The Cloud: Amazon, Microsoft, Google?
  • Implications for Microsoft: ARM or bust.
  • In coming Episodes:
    • What are RISC and ARM?
    • Can the Empire Strike Back?
    • Amazon & Google.
    • Gaming Computers & Workstations.
    • Dell, Hp, Asus etc.
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ARMs Race Risc: Episode 1, Apple and Microsoft

Right now could be a bad time to invest in technology and buy a new computer. I suggest that, right now, all Apple laptops are in a state of flux, and no Microsoft Surface tablets or laptops make sense. This is all due to the ‘ARMs race to new computer architecture, as an upheaval in technology is poised to change the industry.

  • Introduction
  • Apple: Half-Baked Arms?
    • Products In Transition.
    • Transition: Locked In and Underway.
    • When To Buy An Apple Computer?
  • Microsoft: End of the Surface Pro?
  • The Disruption: Vertical Integration.
  • In coming Episodes:
    • Why Microsoft needs RISC (March 16th)
    • What are RISC and ARM?
    • Can the Empire Strike Back?
    • Amazon & Google.
    • Gaming Computers & Workstations.
    • Dell, Hp, Asus etc.
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