One Finite Planet

One Finite Planet

Truth Vs Influence: Distortion Of Truth In Pursuit of Wealth.

René Descartes famously declared “I think, therefore I am” as the basic truth and recognised that all truths are built on this basic truth.

The biggest industry in the world today, is ‘influence’: the manipulation of what people believe is true.

The building of those further truths is open to manipulation, and the activities of manipulating peoples perception of the truth. A key question arises of, when does advertising and influencing cross over from being a valuable public service, to becoming an existential threats to humanity. It could be like drinking water, where a certain amount it required to be heathy, but too much can kill you.

Population is connected to influence as those in power seek influence over the maximum possible population of people. Total wealth relates to ‘tools and superpowers’, while individual wealth relates to equality and inequality.

The key to power over other humans is influence. Not matter what the motive, you need influence to achieve power and/or wealth. While I have broken pages into four subgroups, these also overlap, so my allocations may seem obtuse, but at least all in some way connect to the topic ‘influence’.