One Finite Planet

One Finite Planet

Challenges To One Finite Planet.

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Yes, knowing the future, requires analysing threats.

Like a news bulletin, there are more pages here looking at threats than there are opportunities. On a positive, note that could be because life in the absence of threats or bad news provides its own opportunities over and over, so good news is no longer newsworthy. Each of issues explored in detail in the pages linked above has to potential to represent an existential threat, which can sometimes make if feel like we are facing the apocalypse, but in fact human existence, at least at an individual level, has always been full of threats. As individuals, we may have it better than ever, with the only new problem being the presence of these threats that can affect everyone at once.

Population: Threats Or Crisis?

A definition of crisis is “a situation that has reached a critical phase“, and given where we are, I suggest population is at a critical phase, so yes: a crisis. The same evaluation could be applied to environment, climate and truth.

The Earth is overpopulated as we cannot yet sustainably support the current population, and population beyond sustainable is the standard definition.

My conclusion is that, like other overpopulation events, we will naturally return to a sustainable population provided those calling for perpetual growth do not manage to interfere and we don’t self destruct in the mean time.

I believe it is critical that more people understand what is happening with population, and the motives of those always pushing for growth as well as the risks.

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