About: Luxury & Premium Technology

These pages will record a variety of observations on various embodiments of what I consider luxury or premium technology, in the form of computers, cameras, phones, automotive, gadgets and others, but generally from the perspective of the technology. For example, reviews of a car as car can be found elsewhere.

Luxury technology, or premium technology, can take the form of a Ferrari Car, or a Ulysse Nardin watch, or perhaps far more commonplace technology like the original iPod.

In any case the following premium characteristics should always be present:

Utility vs Premium vs Luxury

Simplistically, utility is when something fulfills the required function, but adds the premium characteristics.  Luxury in my view is simply taking the adding of those premium characteristics to a very extreme level.

To quote oxford dictionary on luxury:

A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.

To a similar meaning, but make a revision for premium:

A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving some additional expense.

Functionality that is impressive or provides delight

Not that while luxury items may have functionality that is impressive or provides delight, such functionality need not be utilised in order to provide delight:

“I may never have taken my Range Rover off road, but it can wade a 1 metre deep stream in the event I ever do get that chance”

True, the maximum legal speed limit here is Singapore is 90km/h but my Koenigsegg Agera-rs can do over 400 km/h if I ever do find a place I can drive at that speed.

These two example may illustrate the point.  Technical capability can provide pleasure even when you are unlikely to fully utilise that capability.  Perhaps the degree of unused technical capability is one of the steps between ‘premium’ and ‘luxury’

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