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Electric Vehicles: Updates And New Content.

This page will become the topic introduction page for pages on electric vehicles.

It has been a few weeks since I posted new pages, but I have been busy updating and improving pages posted previously, as can be seen from the updates page.

Recent updates to EV pages on electric vehicles in preparation for some new content, including:

* = Recently Updated as of March 2022.

External Reference data on EVs:

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  1. There is one HUGE problem with EV & ICE vehicles, RESOURCES!
    NO ONE can “produce” a raw material like OIL, it’s EXTRACTED from the earth.

    The resources needed to produce those TECHNOLOGIES are limited & to access those resources ( drill, mine, frack, chop etc) you need OIL & OIL is the keystone of this civilization.
    Not enough oil = no civilization & no 8 BILLION humans.

    I would love to drive an EV but their too expensive & if I did buy one I would be increasing the demand for MORE OIL, COAL, NATURAL GAS, STEEL, COPPER, LITHIUM, LEAD ETC !!

    We cannot, must not, increase the demand for more C022 producing technologies!
    Instead, we must vastly CUT our use of those fossil resources but that will also mean starvation of most humans & no matter what else we do, we are still set for a collapse & a dieoff.

    We are in a trap of our own making, EV’s cannot solve the problem of resource decline & shortages as they are also DEPENDENT UPON DECLINING RESOURCES!
    EV’S & ICE are a dead end as is all of the technology we use that depends upon fossil resources.

    It’s IRRELAVENT how “efficient” they are, how “clean” they are & they still aren’t “green” since they depend upon dirty fossil resources.
    We are headed for collapse, it won’t be gentle, it will be our worse nightmare.
    8 BILLION humans cannot survive without sufficient fossil resources & we can’t go back to how we did it before oil, there are too many of us & our resources are very depleted, most humans will die off.
    A few scientist think we could go extinct.

    I think humans are tough & very adaptable, I think some of us will survive the end of the fossil resource age but it won’t be a “Jetson’s” existance either, it will be more like a hard, pre industrial existance, hard dirty work, & a short life.


Table of Contents


The surprising reality of increased human life expectancy.

The surprising thing is, people throughout history, and before, lived longer than is often depicted.

From the 1500s till around 1800, life expectancy throughout Europe hovered between 30 and 40 years of age, then the 20th century, life expectancy rose from 49.2 to 80.3 years.

The surprise is, throughout history and as long as far back as we can know, a full lifespan has always been around 70 years or longer. The biggest change has not the length of a human lifespan, but instead, the dramatic increase in percentage of people who get to enjoy that lifespan.

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News In Brief.

It is now war until the end for Putin. If Putin is to win in Ukraine, he would simply have to start a new war elsewhere, as relations with Russia could never again return to ‘normal’ without charges of war crimes being held.

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BYD Atto 3 / Yuan Plus: Affordable EV, not just a rich man’s toy.

There was time when mobile phones where just rich man’s toys. The BYD Atto 3 or Yuan Plus depending on the market, is not only BYDs first global car, but also what I would call the first mainstream, affordable EV for the west, ending the EV as rich man’s toy. It is being released in several countries in early 2022, mainly left traffic countries (wheel on the right) including Australia, but will go global. The Atto 3 competes on price, size and features with affordable gasoline/petrol compact SUVs. The Atto 3 is not a car priced as a BYD competitor for the regular Toyota Corolla, as that car, the Atto 2 will follow in Australia late 2022 or early 2023.

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Battle for No1 Carmaker: Tracking Tesla and BYD.

I have already have a page tracking the fall of current leaders Toyota, VW etc, and this page tracks the rise of the new contenders for the worlds number 1 carmaker: Tesla and BYD.

These two are the current EV market leaders, and as EVs gain market share, these two are on trajectories to become no #1 and no #2 car carmakers world wide. But will either of them ever reach true #1?

I have excluded Tesla and BYD from the ‘new kids on the block’, page tracking the rise of new EV companies as the race between these EV heavyweights warrants its own page.

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