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May 16, 2019

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Influence: No, they don’t want to sell your data, it’s worse.

Influence: No, they don’t want to sell your data, it’s worse.

I recently read another comment containing the 'I don't want google getting more of my data to sell' and it reminded me of the question, 'why is your data valuable?', and the common myth that Facebook and Google etc want your data so they can sell it. They don't want to sell your data, but the reality, is more sinister: they want the power to change your thinking.

What should we fear: The link from fear to hatred.

Lead, Crime and Justice

The Housing Price Trap: A global bubble?

Left Vs Right: Ideologies Clash And Outrage

Race, Racism and Skin Colour: what does ‘race’ determine?

Democrats: Self Sabotage?

Tribalism: Good, neutral or bad?

The alliance: Conservative politicians and ‘secondary terrorists’

Israel Folau: Religious Persecution in 2019?

Tribalism, Racism and Despair: The xenophobia cycle

Secondary terrorism: the evolution of terrorism

Ukraine: Putin and China, method or madness?

Ukraine: Putin and China, method or madness?

Obama and Xi Jinping announcement: a huge step for climate action? Or a backward step?

Trump: Conceding? Or Plotting?

The G20 outcome, a plan to make the earth a worse place?

Foreign fighters: Is it really a surprise that ISIS/ISIL can recruit from the west?

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Australia Day Surprise: Another title for Prince Philip. Foolishness, or other motives?

Australia: Yet another prime minister?

Australian Budget: Ignorance or Lies?

Brexit and Trump: Common Theme?

Brexit: Litmus test, Labor vs Liberal

Syria: Why Assad did not use chemical weapons to kill Syrian citizens

The AUKUS FUKUS Fracas: Submarines, Really?

Lord Trumpemort And The Coup Eaters.

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