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April 30, 2019

Overpopulation: starvation is the last symptom.

Overpopulation: starvation is the last symptom.

The Myth: Starvation will provide a warning of overpopulation. The Truth: In nature, we define overpopulation as when sustaining the population results in damage to the environment.

Plagues are a problem were before the plague population starts to starve.

Starvation will be a consequence only when overpopulation has resulted in environmental collapse that will result in a rapid population collapse. Starvation is useless as an indicator, by the time there is starvation all environmental food reserves have been consumed, and catastrophe is then unavoidable.

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My Journey To Understanding Population.

My Journey To Understanding Population.

Population is a complex area. To arrive at my current point of understanding, it took me a number of light bulb moments over the years since 2013, with many realisations shattering some of my previous beliefs, and sometimes taking years to be ready to take the next step. Here is a recap of my journey, and if you can move quickly from step to step, then you can absorb information faster than I can, but perhaps this information will inspire others on their own journey.

The Potential Scale and Impact of population growth: 7 trillion humans?

If the earth is overpopulated, so what?

How long can/should/will population growth continue?

the economic impact of population growth and immigration

Population Growth Change Lag: The Population Pipeline

Population Growth Change Lag: The Population Pipeline

Lessons from SciFi: Future Expansion

Environmental footprint and maximum population.

Population: just how did the ‘engine’ switch off

Population: Why more than the current change is required.

The population lag: the first reason for the contradiction.

Farming Humans and Future Population.


Brexit and Trump: Common Theme?

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Peak Population 2055: Really? That soon?

Is it realistic that Earth could reach peak population by 2055, there really the largest number of under 35s on Earth there will ever be? Peak newborns already? What is the reality, and what are the implications?

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