One Finite Planet

December 21, 2015

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If the earth is overpopulated, so what?

Politics. Left & Right: Merit = Wealth?

What should we fear: The link from fear to hatred.

The Housing Price Trap: A global bubble?

Left Vs Right: Ideologies Clash And Outrage

Race, Racism and Skin Colour: what does ‘race’ determine?

Democrats: Self Sabotage?

Tribalism: Good, neutral or bad?

The alliance: Conservative politicians and ‘secondary terrorists’

Israel Folau: Religious Persecution in 2019?

Tribalism, Racism and Despair: The xenophobia cycle

Secondary terrorism: the evolution of terrorism

Ukraine: Putin and China, method or madness?

Ukraine: Putin and China, method or madness?

Obama and Xi Jinping announcement: a huge step for climate action? Or a backward step?

Trump: Conceding? Or Plotting?

The G20 outcome, a plan to make the earth a worse place?

Foreign fighters: Is it really a surprise that ISIS/ISIL can recruit from the west?

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Australia Day Surprise: Another title for Prince Philip. Foolishness, or other motives?

Australia: Yet another prime minister?

Australian Budget: Ignorance or Lies?

Brexit and Trump: Common Theme?

Brexit: Litmus test, Labor vs Liberal

Syria: Why Assad did not use chemical weapons to kill Syrian citizens

The AUKUS FUKUS Fracas: Submarines, Really?

Lord Trumpemort And The Coup Eaters.

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Lead, Crime and Justice

A quick internet search with the keywords ‘lead crime’ in the search bar will reveal many articles such as this which all propose that lead

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